Линия очистки семян


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Vibropneumo exciter (VPE)is intended for grain cleaning of on the basis of the specific weight.

The typical application is used for grain division:

- gains affected by  the plant diseases, insects from  the normal ones;

- certified sunflower seeds from the light weighted, peeled seeds and sclerotium;

- Corn groats from a germ;

- Division of grain mixes: wheat-barley, wheat-rye, wheat-triticale, corn-sunflower, etc.

Peculiarities: reliability in operation; simplicity of setting and adjustment on any cultures; ten times cheaper than foreign analogues; extremely popular  in territories of Ukraine, Moldova, Baltic, Russia (it has been sold over 1000 machines)

Technical characteristics

Model VPE 1,5 VPE 2,5 VPE 5
Productivity by processing, kg/h:      
Wheat, corn 1500 2500 5000
Legumes 1100 1800 3700
Sunflower 700 1100 2300
Millet, mustard, rape 700 1100 3300
The installed capacity, kilowatt 5,5 10,3 14,7
Overall dimensions, mm      
Length 1700 2150 2600
Width 1520 1600 1800
Height 1350 1540 1650
Weight 738 kg 1056 kg 1510 kg
Delivery set Control cabinet, basket Control cabinet Control cabinet

Vibropneumo exciterВибропневмостол

VPE 1,5 VPE 2,5 VPE 5
НазадНазад вперед

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