Линия очистки семян


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We are sincerely grateful to our partners for cooperation:

  • The Kiev Institute of Physiology and Genetics UAAS
  • Cherkask agrarian and industrial complex Institute
  • Agrofirm "Slavutich" at the Kirovograd Institute of agrarian and industrial complex
  • AVIAS-200 (Dnepropetrovsk)
  • Metallurgical works in Mariypol named by Ilyich (Mariupol)
  • The Help-agro (Kharkov) Veres (Kremenchug)
  • Volodarsky provender factory

A special grain cleaning shop has been constructed for development of the cleaning technology. Each type of equipment in this shop is perfected. Nowadays the equipment of our company is in popular demand in Ukrainian domestic market. The range of our machines is extremely wide for our customers: vibroseparators, vibropneumo exciters, primary purification machines, secondary purification machines, sorting machines, the equipment for sunflower seeds shelling, for halvah manufacture, seeds and groats shelling machines, a lot of additional equipment. Our machines have been highly estimated by experts in Russia, Belarus, Baltic, Germany. Now the production of the company is well-known in the European market of agricultural machinery. Grain cleaning lines which have been designed and mounted by the "FORUMAGROPROM" company, now they are faultlessly functioning at the Kiev Institute of Physiology and Genetics UAAS, at the Cherkask Institute of agrarian and industrial complex, Agrofirm "Slavutich", at the Kirovograd Institute of agrarian and industrial complex etc.

Our purpose is to offer the most up-to-date equipment for the preparation of a sowing material, grain cleanings and calibrations and we are strongly believed that after acquisition of our production you would be convinced of it.








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