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Calibrating and purifying machine (PPM 5BC) carries out the functions of the primary and secondary sunflower seeds cleaning. It qualitatively cleans sunflower seeds from large, small and easy impurities. Two additional sowings allow to separate complicated impurities (bacillus, cocklebur seeds). The machine has two independent aspiration systems working on an input and on an output of the product. The construction allows to extract the large fraction of sunflower from a whole lot of seeds.

Peculiarities: the machine is simple and reliable; highly effective aspiration and cleaning sieves system; allows to extract the large fraction of sunflower from a whole lot of seeds, what is important for the further seeds processing.

Technical characteristics

Raw materials productivity: 2 t/h
The installed capacity, kilowatt 7,4 kW
Overall dimensions, mm  
Length 2500 mm
Width 1750 mm
Height 3600 mm



The analysis of PPM machine function on confectionery sunflower of a grade "Gourmand" (operating manufacture).

Indicators of raw materials output:

  • The weed impurity (trash) - 8 %
  • Sunflower (sieve 3,8 +) - 72 %
  • Sunflower screenings (sieve 8-) 3,20 %
  • Machine productivity - 1000-1200 kg/h

Results after the processing:

1.  The weed impurity-0,67 %

2.  The output using the sieve d5,5 - 83 %

3.  Screenings through the sieve d5,5 - 16,33 %

  • The sunflower control on a sieve d5,5 does not allow to screen the sunflower on a sieve 3,8 slot-hole.
  • The rest sunflower seeds fall on the sieve d3,0
  • The output from the sieve d5,5 is directed on the calibration.
  • Productivity of calibration CV2 is 300kg/hour.
  • It is received 3,8 +-72 %
  • The weed impurity - 0,5 %
  • Sunflower, lower sieve 3,8 slot-hole - 10,5 %
  • Installed sieves in the PPM machine 5BC:
  • Round (d)-11; 10; 9,5; (5,5 slot-hole), round (d)-5,5; 3,0
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